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Alongside companies

Isolgomma alongside companies who care about acoustic comfort.

A world of services dedicated both to construction companies and to companies who want to offer the best solutions in relation to sound insulation and vibration control, both in civil and industrial fields.

Why you should choose our solutions.

During our almost 50 years of activity, we chose to collaborate in close contact with companies, in order to create a solid relationship of collaboration and exchange, which allows us to offer solutions and services dedicated to theirs needs.

Inspection and analysis

In this phase we examine the specific needs of adaptation of the soundproofing system to be realized on the basis of the necessary functional characteristics, as well as aesthetic ones.

Custom quotation

After inspection, we prepare the custom quotation; this will include, if necessary, technical reports and designs aimed to clarify the proposed work.

Project and advice

We interact with you and your technicians to ensure the best advice on the project under analysis.

Delivery and installation

Installation is one of the most delicate phases of the entire process. It is the moment in which we take care of all the aspects related to logistics, timing, execution and assembly.

After-sales service

In addition to the necessary legal guarantees, we offer you complete documentation regarding the installed solution: manual of use and maintenance, safety data sheets and executive drawings. Our relationship, finally, continues in time.

Discover our solutions dedicated to your business.

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