How to protect the industrial building from vibrations produced by machinery?

The best solution to protect your real estate investment from vibrations.

The machinery operation, especially in heavy industry, can seriously compromise the building structure, with a risk not only for the site, but also for the safety of the staff engaged in the production.
In fact, the vibrations produced by these machines in a long period, become harmful both for the structure and for the machinery, with a related investments in maintenance which can be very expensive.

Why to choose our solution.

Megamat line

Our range of Megamat vibration insulation products is the natural solution for controlling vibrations produced by the machines in your warehouse.

Resistance and durability

The high resistance to oils, greases and water allows these panels, made of 90% recycled raw materials, not only to be used in even very complex production situations, but also to guarantee an unchanged performance duration over time.

Quick installation

The Megamat products guarantee a quick installation. It is possible to work quickly to solve the problem of vibrations, ensuring your customer an extremely limited production stop.

Why choose our advice.

Know How

In addition to obtain the best solution to problems caused by machinery vibrations to the plant, you will have at your disposal all the know-how of our company, present in the acoustic well-being market for almost 50 years.

Technical support

Our technical staff will be able to support you in all the phases of the solution’s realization: from the project to the testing, which will be carried out with the help of the expertise of an external specialist.

Installation assistance

We’ll be at your disposal to coordinate the first installation steps and, if necessary, to evaluate any specific interventions to offer the best result for your customer.

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The wide range of MEGAMAT solutions is characterized by high mechanical resistance and excellent anti-vibration performances that allow it to reduce vibrations from very heavy machinery such as presses, hammers, engines or cogenerators.


Anti-vibration systems for heavyloads

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