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Solutions that can be applied in adherence, with Rewall and Mustwall products, or in suspension, with Fybro and Trywall products. The first application is recommended for residential and commercial environments to ensure a relevant increase in thermo-acoustic performance of existing floors. The second application is ideal in the service industry, to create a cavity in addition to insulation that allows to hide the air conditioning and treatment systems.

Coated ceiling.

The bonded false ceiling is a solution that allows a considerable increase in the acoustic and thermal performance of an existing ceiling. With the use of a suitably sized sub-structure fixed to the floor by means of Redfix acoustic hooks, it is possible to use Isolgomma pre-coupled plasterboard sheets that allow the reduction of both airborne and structural noise transmissions.

Product Lnw(dB) Rw(dB) U (W/m2K)
REWALL 33B 45 65 0,71
REWALL 40 42 66 0,67
MUSTWALL 33B 45 65 0,74

Suspended ceiling.

The suspended false ceiling is typically used for tertiary sector buildings. It is a very interesting solution as it allows, in the large space left as a gap between the floor and the finish, the insertion of ducts, even large ones, dedicated to cooling, heating and air treatment. It also allows the passage of all other types of installations before finishing. For a proper functioning of the solution it is important for the metal structure to be fixed to the floor by means of Redfix insulated hooks that allow the best management of the propagation of possible transmissions of vibrations through the structure of the building.

Product Lnw(dB) Rw(dB) U (W/m2K)
FYBRO 30 42 66 0,56
FYBRO 50 42 66 0,43
TRYWALL 48 41 67 0,50

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