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Achieve the best acoustic performance with our renewed line of false ceilings.

Noises produced between two overlapping housing units cause a lot of problems for the well-being of the people involved, which can cause stress.

This problem is particularly serious in buildings where both residential and commercial activities are located.

Our renewed solutions for false ceilings, especially if combined with those under screed or under floor, effectively solve the problem, granting excellent insulation of all sound frequencies and noise attenuation of more than 65 dB.

In this way, everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the spaces in complete freedom, in a relaxed and pleasant environment.

Why choose this innovative solution?


Our products for false ceiling.


Acoustic insulation made of pre-coupled panel composed of SBR rubber sheet and a plasterboard layer.

MUSTWALL 18B, with a thickness of only 18 mm, is the ideal solution for reducing noise between stacked units during renovations, especially when it is necessary to keep the height of the rooms unchanged.

Panel thickness 18 mm
Transmission loss Rw ≥ 62 dB
Reaction to fire B-s1,d0


High performance acoustic insulation made of pre-coupled panel composed of SBR rubber sheet and a plasterboard layer.

MUSTWALL 33B is the ideal solution to reduce noise during renovation works. Thanks to its thickness of only 33 mm, this panel offers excellent airborne noise insulation performance for all frequencies, by using minimum space in height.

Panel thickness 33 mm
Transmission loss Rw ≥ 64 dB
Reaction to fire B-s1,d0


Anti-vibration hangers for walls and ceilings.

By combining REDFIX C hangers with our soundproofing panels, it is possible to obtain an excellent solution to prevent noise and vibration transmission between the existing floor and the false ceiling installed.

Dimensions 50×50 mm

Space-saving solution with minimal thickness

High mechanical stability guaranteed by the rubber

Panels supplied in stackable packaging

Easy installation.

These solutions, made of a pre-coupled panel of fibers and SBR recycled rubber granules and a plasterboard layer, are ideal for the relining of ceilings. Thanks to their composition, they can be easily dry installed, in adherence to existing floors. This allows quick and minimally invasive interventions in the living spaces where they are to be installed.

We combine excellent solutions for the best acoustic result.

The application of our false ceiling solutions combined with our underfloor or under screed rolls, allow excellent acoustic performances both for impact and airborne noise insulation. Furthermore, the application of FYBRO panel between the floor and the false ceiling improves both acoustic and thermal insulation.

Why choose us?

By purchasing the airborne noise insulation panels for false ceilings, you also have the know-how of our technical staff at your disposal, who will support you during design phase, installation and testing.


Our technicians are at your disposal to provide you with information and support in identifying the materials needed to comply with legal limitations for achieving acoustic comfort.


We provide you with acoustics certificates for products that not only guarantee a certified acoustic upgrading, but also enable you to comply with legal limits.


The performance of the work carried out can be tested on site by a competent technician, who will check the compliance with legal limits, protecting you from disputes.

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