Hotel refurbishment: an opportunity to improve acoustic comfort.

Hotels must be modernised on a regular basis if they are to remain competitive. However, in renovation projects, there is a tendency to underestimate acoustic well-being, yet it is crucial for the reputation of the hotels.

Acoustic insulation is essential to ensure an unforgettable experience for hotel guests. Providing a quiet and comfortable environment is a necessity for all facilities that aim for customer satisfaction.

Why is it important to use renovation to soundproof hotels?

Improved comfort

Nothing spoils a hotel stay like unwanted noise. Whether it is conversations in the corridors or the sound of equipment and lifts, any slightest disturbance can affect the rest and peace of mind of the guests.

Greater privacy

Privacy in hotels is crucial: no one wants to hear or be heard by neighbours. Adequate acoustic insulation ensures that conversations and activities remain private, respecting the intimacy of all guests.

Enhancing hotel reputation

Positive reviews and word of mouth are vital to the success of hotels. Providing a quiet and comfortable environment makes guests more likely to leave positive reviews and recommend the facility.

What can be done to ensure acoustic insulation in hotels during refurbishment?

Hotel refurbishment is a unique opportunity to improve their acoustic performance. This is why it is important to identify all the critical issues that arise over time, in order to maximise intervention by implementing the most appropriate solutions based on the problems to be solved.

Reduction of footfall noise

Designed to improve acoustic insulation in environments subject to frequent renovations, our underfloor solutions are also available in very low thicknesses. This makes it possible to act effectively and without increasing the thickness of the floor, avoiding the need to replace existing doors and fixtures.

Insulation of airborne noise

For the reduction of noise from corridors or adjacent rooms, we recommend our REWALL panels for traditional walls, which are the ideal solution for airborne sound insulation in renovations.

Reduction of noise generated by lifts

MUSTWALL insulation panels are ideal for improving the acoustic insulation of lift shafts. Thanks to their ability to reduce the noise generated by the up and down movement of lifts, they offer an effective solution to contribute to the overall acoustic well-being of the hotel.

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