Put an end to noise from stairwells: here’s the solution!

Noise in stairwells is notoriously one of the main sources of dispute among neighbours. Did you know that it can be easily solved?

Particularly during the evening or at night, the use of staircases and lifts is a major source of stress for residents, whose sleep may be continually interrupted by neighbours returning home.

Due to their conformation, in fact, stairwells act as a kind of resonance chamber, amplifying all kinds of noise: from the conversations of adults to the screams of children, from the footsteps of people walking up or down the stairs to the vibrations caused by the movement of lifts.

If we add the fact that the typical concrete structure of staircases unfortunately makes them an excellent means of noise propagation, it is natural that any sound easily spreads to the surrounding flats.

What can be done to solve the problem?

Precisely because of its complexity, it is important to plan this action carefully from the very beginning of the design process.

Considering the acoustic insulation of stairwells right from the design of apartment buildings in fact prevents problems and inconvenience when the buildings accommodate many different people with different habits.

At Isolgomma, we have developed a solution that, by combining two of our most popular products, is able to deal with all typical noise sources in stairwells, guaranteeing a high-quality overall result.

Isolation of impact noise on the stairs

SYLCER, our dedicated solution for mitigating impact noise on stairs, has been specially designed to be easily installed under ceramic floors, such as are normally installed in apartment buildings.

This rolled insulation has been designed to ensure effective absorption of noise from the continuous coming and going on staircases and, therefore, to allow a considerable reduction in the annoying noise propagation generated by the concrete structure typical of staircases.

Insulation of airborne noise and reduction of vibrations caused by lifts

Our Mustwall B acoustic insulation is made of laminated panels consisting of SBR rubber granules and plasterboard.

This composition gives them a remarkable ability to reduce the noise caused by people’s voices. They are therefore ideal allies in the acoustic insulation of stairwells and help to create a quieter and more comfortable environment for all residents.

Our Mustwall B insulation panels also boast an outstanding ability to reduce the noise generated by the vibrations resulting from the constant ascent and descent of lifts.

This feature makes them the ideal choice for improving the acoustic insulation of walls in lift shafts, contributing significantly to the acoustic well-being of the residents.

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