Elimination of impact noise in new clinical facilities.

From Isolgomma, the solution to combine perfect acoustic comfort and excellent thermal insulation in hospitals, nursing homes and clinics.

Hospitals, nursing homes and clinics must be designed with patients’ well-being in mind, which is closely related to acoustic well-being.
In the construction of new clinical facilities, we at Isolgomma recommend to apply under screed a product that, in a single solution, ensures the best sound and thermal insulation, but that it can also become the perfect base for underfloor heating typical of these realizations.
Specifically, our REWALL 28 R panels are ideal for application in both under wet and dry screed and, in addition to offering the best insulation from impact noise, also ensures excellent mechanical performance.

Why to choose our solution.

Certified sound improvement performance

The REWALL 28 R panels are able to guarantee excellent thermoacoustic performance, with a certified acoustic improvement of more than 29 dB.

Sustainability and circularity

Made with 90% recycled raw materials, REWALL 28 R panels guarantee a reduced environmental impact, in favour of a circular economy and sustainable development in full protection of the natural environment.

High mechanical stability

The REWALL 28 R panels are subjected to mechanical failure tests over time, which allow to certify their excellent performance and high long-term stability, even in the presence of very high concentrated loads.

Reduction of laying costs

REWALL 28 R ensures a significant reduction in installation costs by concentrating in a single panel not only the ideal solution for sound and thermal insulation, but also an optimal support base for underfloor heating that is typically used in clinical facilities.

Why choose our advice.

Know How

By choosing the REWALL 28 R panels, you have at your disposal all the know-how of our company, present in the acoustic wellness market for almost 50 years.

Acoustic certificates

We provide you with the acoustic certificates of REWALL 28 R, which attest to an acoustic improvement > 29 dB, in many cases, will allow you to comply with the limits imposed by law.

Acoustic report

Our technical staff supports you in all phases of the project providing you with technical information and helping you to respect the limits of law and achieve the desired acoustic comfort.

Installation test

The acoustic performance of the solution can be tested on site by a competent technician, who verifies compliance with the legal limits, protecting you from disputes.

Installation assistance

We are at your disposal for the coordination of the first laying phases on site and to evaluate any specific interventions, in order to offer the best guarantee of correct laying and result.

Improve the living comfort of hospitals, nursing homes and clinics by reducing impact noise, discover the Isolgomma solution.

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