Stop noise disturbance at night by soundproofing plumbing systems!

Isolating noise from plumbing and toilet flushing is one of the secrets for reducing disturbance at night and ensuring a more restful sleep!

The acoustic insulation of plumbing systems is essential to ensure a peaceful and comfortable home environment. Indeed, the noise created by water flowing through pipes in apartment buildings can be a constant source of disturbance, significantly compromising the acoustic well-being of residents.

The pipes act as resonance chambers, transmitting airborne and structure-borne noise.

It is for this reason that it is important from the design stage of buildings and installations that pipes and drainage columns are housed in appropriately insulated cavities.

How can you best insulate ducts and pipes in apartment buildings?

As is often the case, the solution lies in the adoption of several strategies that, when appropriately combined, allow the effective insulation of building cavities.

Direct insulation of drainage pipes

First of all, it is essential to re-line the pipes with an acoustic insulating material to increase their mass.

As a second step, it is good practice to disconnect the pipes at the points where they are attached to the cavity, to prevent vibrations caused by the passage of water from being propagated through the structure.

In both cases, we recommend our SYL AD solutions.

Acoustic insulation of the cavity

Lining the cavity with a plasterboard supporting wall coupled with an acoustic panel makes it possible to eliminate the airborne component of noise produced by running water.
Implementing our single wall solutions allows for high performance and, therefore, a tangible acoustic improvement.

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