The products of Basewood, Sylwood and Sylcer lines integrate perfectly within the flooring system. These products, particularly recommended for renovations, reduce impact noise and also contribute to walking comfort, improving the floor thermal properties and preserving the finishing over time.

CLS floor.

Underfloor acoustic solution for concrete slab floor 200 mm thick, plus sand and cement screed (55 mm thick) with piping system inside, floor finishing in parquet (15 mm thick) with acoustic insulation underlay.

Product Lnw(dB) Rw(dB) U (W/m2K)
SYLCER 56 60 0,67

Timber joists floor.

Underfloor acoustic solution for timber joinst floor with structural concrete slab (50 mm thick) and levelling screed (110 mm thick) to covered piping system. Acoustic insulation in panel (20 mm or 30 mm thick). Sand and cement screed (50 mm thick) and on top glued ceramic o parquet floor finishing (15 mm thick).

Product Lnw(dB) Rw(dB) U (W/m2K)
BASEWOOD 62 54 0,58
SYLWOOD 3 52 63 0,30
SYLWOOD 5 52 63 0,29
SYLWOOD 3 55 63 0,30
SYLWOOD 5 55 63 0,29

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