In the shopping center the supermarket is located on the ground floor of a residential complex. In order to ensure adequate acoustic comfort for condominiums, the noise emissions from commercial activity must be in line with the noise standards, given that the noise generated by supermarket activities propagates from the bottom to the top, with higher values for the warehouse part than the sales area. The insulation between the two area was done with one layers of Isolgomma SYLCER 3.


The need of the design is to ensure compliance with acoustic standards with a solution that can be used in the existing flooring or without removing the screed.

Suggested solution.

The solution chosen in compliance with the acoustic and dimensional requirements is the Sylcer product, 3 mm thick, ideal for direct application under the ceramic flooring, even with high loads such as those present in a supermarket. Sylcer also allows to consolidate any discrepancy of the substrate ensuring a better mechanical stability of the flooring.


With this solution, the Dutch acoustic requirements for impact sound insulation level from bottom to top have been met with a degree of insulation Ico, +25 dB in the sales area and +30 dB in the warehouse area.