Acoustic insulation of a prestigious building

  • Year: 2023
  • Builder: Impresa Zaco Costruzioni Srl

In Via degli Artisti in the heart of Trieste, the company Zaco Costruzioni carried out a major renovation project, restoring to its former glory a priceless historic building that had been left neglected for many years.

Thanks to an impressive preservation of the structure and the exterior shell, it was possible to revolutionise the interior of the historic building. All the floors and partition walls were completely rebuilt to create, on the one hand, flats of excellent quality and, on the other hand, hospitality facilities complete with every comfort.


The high value of the project, together with the need to allow residential and hospitality situations to coexist peacefully, required special attention to the building’s acoustic comfort levels.

In particular, the presence of the wood floor, which was used so as not to weigh down the structure, made the sound insulation work even more complex. What was needed was a solution that would ensure maximum acoustic comfort and, at the same time, comply with the thicknesses specified by the designer.

Suggested solution

Given the combined presence of the wood floor and underfloor heating, it was decided to intervene acoustically with the REWALL 28R panel.

This is an acoustic panel insulation that offers superior footfall insulation compared to a traditional pad and, thanks to the polyester fibre, provides the heat transmittance necessary to prevent leakage from underfloor heating pipes.


The acoustic measurements carried out after the intervention showed extremely good results: footfall levels are below 50 dB and the soundproofing power is over 64 dB for wood floors. These data demonstrate the effectiveness of the solution adopted and the accuracy of the calculated forecasts.

Products installed

Our REWALL 28R panels offer high acoustic performance, especially at low frequencies, and, for this very reason, best solve the noise transmission problems typical of wood floors, meeting users’ comfort requirements.