The object of the intervention is to passively isolate a precision instrumentation from vibrations, the “High Resolution Field Emission Gun Transmission Electron Microscope (HR FEG-TEM) 200kV”, to be installed at the HR-TEM laboratory located in the Department of Science Land of the University of Pisa.


Following a vibrational analysis carried out by the University, the presence of a disturbance that could influence the measurements of the electron microscope was evident. An anti-vibration solution is therefore necessary to minimize this disturbance and guarantee the correct functioning of the microscope.

Suggested solution.

Creation of a solution for vibration control which includes an inertial platform to contain all the electronic instrumentation with a double layer of MEGAMAT ME 50/500 at the base with a striped and full panel arrangement.


The intervention made it possible to significantly reduce the presence of vibrations and during the survey it was highlighted that the passage of people and things in the adjacent corridors does not influence the installed instrumentation and the precision measurements to which it is dedicated.