Construction of a complex in the historic center of Mogliano Veneto with large private car parks and excellent visibility. The clean and essential lines of the interiors and the large windows create airy and bright environments, promoting the well-being of those who live there; in this case acoustic comfort is essential to complete a space of absolute harmony.


The building is made with traditional techniques, with brick-cement floors which must be acoustically treated with high performance insulation systems if we want to obtain an optimal acoustic result, also because it is a prestigious building.

Suggested solution.

For the insulation of the inter-storey floors, the designer chose UPGREI, a product with very high acoustic performance even if with limited thicknesses and easy to install. While for the attic floor the REWALL 28R product was chosen to ensure even higher acoustic insulation given the presence of terraces located on the apartments below and therefore the need to guarantee optimal acoustic comfort.


Excellent acoustic performance in all inter-storey conditions of both foot impact and airborne noise which complied with the design indications aimed at guaranteeing high level acoustic comfort. Furthermore, by using REWALL 28R, the attic floor slab obtained a L'n,w level of less than 35 dB, thus guaranteeing an acoustic performance compliant with the expectations of the designer and the client.