Isolgomma: 50 years of sustainable growth.

We believe that it’s not possible to promote the well-being of people without first promoting the well-being of the environment.

We are committed to concrete actions to protect the environment, making our products and our production fully sustainable.

But that is not all: sustainability is so integrated into our corporate ethics that it is part of every aspect of the business, including the continuous improvement of the health and safety of our internal resources and their ongoing training.


90% recycled products: not a trend, but a constant commitment for 50 years.

Since the birth of our company, we have always used regenerated and recycled raw materials. Our solutions for acoustic well-being guarantee an excellent environmental impact, to promote a circular economy and sustainable development in full protection of the natural environment.


By choosing Isolgomma you help us to protect the environment.

We want you to be fully aware of your important role and also of the commitment we make every day in reducing the ecological footprint of our production. We operate according to the environmental management systems provided for by the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard which allows us to evaluate the environmental impact of our acoustic insulation products, from birth to the end of their use and, for a part of them, we have obtained VOC certification.

Our commitment.

Recycled raw material

To make our products we use 90% of regenerated and recycled raw materials.

Removal of volatile organic compounds

Our products do not release human harmful substances into the environment.

CO2 reduction

We reduce harmful emissions by promoting our energy and production efficiency.

Concrete facts.


Recycled tires every year


Tons of CO2 emitted every year thanks to the efficiency of our production

We are also committed to reducing the environmental impact of our logistics by optimizing transport and promoting rail transport.

Our environmental certifications.


By not releasing harmful substances to humans into the environment, many of our acoustic insulation products have obtained VOC certification.

UNI EN ISO 14001:2015

Since 2008, this certification allows us to assess the environmental impact of products, from birth to the end of their use.

All our environmental certifications have been obtained thanks to the collaboration with some of the most important and accredited certification companies.

In fact, we believe that just talking about environmental sustainability is not enough, but that it is essential to demonstrate our commitment with official documents.

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