Software to calculate suitable solutions for vibration control.

DAMP-Ing is a software dedicated to all designers who need to understand which and how many Isolgomma products to use to achieve the result they want to achieve in their vibration control interventions.

The software can be used especially in case of:

Direct application

Allows you to calculate the Isolgomma products necessary for machinery insulation by direct application under it.

Insulation of inertial bases

It allows you to calculate the Isolgomma products necessary for inertial bases insulation on which the machinery that produces the vibration to be controlled is placed.

But how does our software work?

Using the Isolgomma software is very easy and intuitive. It is enough to enter some input data relating to the intervention to be carried out to obtain clear and easy-to-read results, which highlight the most suitable Isolgomma solution.

The calculation offered by DAMP-Ing is simplified, so the suggested solutions are illustrative and, obviously, do not replace the competence and professionalism of the qualified technicians.


Once the calculation is done, a clarifying report can be printed.

Technical notes
The DAMP-Ing software is developed based on Microsoft Excel © and must necessarily be used on a computer with a Windows operating system. If you are using an Intel-based Macintosh computer, you can still access the software through Windows operating system emulators, such as: VMWare, Parallels, Virtual Box or Boot Camp.

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