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Heavy loads.

In building and industrial sector, there is a real need to isolate from vibration both construction and heavy machinery. Therefore it is necessary to use products with mechanical resistance and excellent anti-vibration performance.
Our Megamat range offers products that allow both to reduce the vibrations produced by very heavy machinery such as presses, hammers, motors and to be used as supports for insulation of building foundations.

In both the construction and the industrial sectors there is the need to insulate constructions or heavy machines which require products with high mechanical resistance and excellent anti-vibration performance. The product range MEGAMAT offers many vibration control solutions for these applications in order to reduce the vibrations from heavy machines such as presses, hammers, motors; these solutions can be also used as discrete or continuous supports for the insulation of building foundations.

Fields of application

  • Insulation of heavy machines under inertial masses
  • Accurate insulation of engines, cogenerators, etc.
  • Insulation of building foundations against ground vibrations

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