To protection of a testing machine in a forge factory. The machine runs tests of rotation stability of forged components of big dimensions. A floating foundation has been built, with dimensions of 21 m x 6 m, height up to 2 m. A double layer of MEGAMAT ME 50 has been adopted, varying the density as function of the different and unbalanced loading conditions, due to the particular testing requirements.


In this case the need of the owner was to limit as much as possible the vibrations transmitted to the measuring laboratory by a machine operating in the production area. The machine also did not have a homogeneously distributed load but was unbalanced on one side making the realization of the more complex anti-vibration system.

Suggested solution.

The proposed solution involves an anti-vibration system with an inner basement that rests on panels of the Megamat line with variable density in order to guarantee both adequate damping of the vibrations and also a constant subsidence of the system in order to balance the machinery's non-axial loads.


The degree of insulation obtained from the anti-vibration system is 80% with a constant deflection of the base.