Made of single or laminated panels, our airborne sound insulation solutions can be applied to single, double, plasterboard or wooden vertical walls. All Isolgomma wall solutions stand out for their remarkable ease of installation and for the mechanical improvement and consequent increase in performance over time that they are able to guarantee to the walls on which they are applied.

Double wall.

Solutions made of bonded rubber panels that not only improve acoustic performance but also give the walls better mechanical consistency.

Single wall.

Composed of gypsum boards coupled with polyester fibre or rubber panels, these solutions provide high acoustic performance in a very small space.

Plasterboard wall.

Solutions that provide excellent acoustic performance for plasterboard walls, especially ideal for partitions between flats, hotel rooms, meeting rooms or offices.

CLT wall.

These solutions combine acoustic performance with excellent thermal insulation values and offer a simplified installation system thanks to their delivery in bonded panels ready for installation.

Our Acoustic Wall Solutions.

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