Reduction of airborne noises between apartments and business places.

Isolgomma provides the solution to improve the acoustic insulation of apartments both from the noise produced by neighbors and from the commercial activities located at the base of residential buildings.

Rewall 40 is the most used solution for renovation to improve the acoustic performance of existing walls or floors. Thanks to its low thickness and easy dry laying, Rewall 40 ensures a minimally invasive intervention, but with a great acoustic result.

Why to choose our solution.

Acoustic insulation improvement between apartments

Rewall 40 is designed for the acoustic insulation of existing walls and floors, and, in a very limited thickness, it reduces airborne noise between apartments bringing the right comfort in every home, with acoustic performance above 57dB.

Acoustic improvement between apartments and business activities

Often can be complicated to maintain a high level of acoustic well-being in the apartments bordering bars, restaurants and stores. Rewall 40 has been specifically studied to quickly reduce the airborne noises in these situations.

Quick and “painless” installation

Rewall 40 is supplied already coupled to a plasterboard sheet, and it is ideal for lining walls and ceilings because it can be dry laid in adherence to existing walls. This guarantees rapid and minimally invasive works, also with a very low production of dirt and dust inside the apartments in which it is to be installed.

Quality and circularity

Made with 90% recycled raw materials, in addition to being environmental friendly, Rewall 40 is a very high quality product not only able to offer the guarantee of acoustic performance above 57 dB, but also to use a CE marked product according to the directive 305/2011.

Why choose our advice.

Know How

By choosing the Rewall 40 product, in addition to obtaining the best solution to problems related the airborne noise in existing residential buildings, you will have at your disposal all the know-how of our company, present in the acoustic well-being market for almost 50 years.

Technical support

Our technical staff will be able to support you in all project phases, providing you with all the necessary technical information and support, up to the acceptance tests, which will be carried out with the expertise of an external specialist.

Acoustic certificates

Will be at your disposal acoustic certificates of the product which guarantee a certified acoustic improvement of > 57 dB and which will allow you to comply with the limits imposed by the law.

Installation assistance

Thanks to our commercial technicians network, we’ll be at your disposal to coordinate the first installation steps on the construction site and, if necessary, to evaluate any specific interventions to offer the best guarantee for a correct installation and results.

Improve the living comfort of your customers by reducing airborne sound noise in apartments and discover Rewall 40.

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