Supermarkets and homes: it is really possible to coexist and respect everyone’s peace and quiet!

Who says that supermarkets and homes cannot coexist in the same building?
Here is the Isolgomma solution conceived to overcome this problem!

In complex settings such as those where supermarkets and residential flats coexist, noise management is of crucial importance. Noise generated by supermarkets located at the base of buildings, if not properly managed, can propagate vertically, causing significant inconvenience to residents on the upper floors.

From the simple movement of shopping trolleys along the aisles, to the operations carried out at the butcher’s counter, to the transit of forklifts in the storeroom: any noise resulting from supermarket activities has the potential to become a source of acoustic disturbance for the upper floors.

So what can be done about it?

Let’s start with the assumption that the need to store goods and move forklifts poses a significant challenge to the structural strength of the floor which, for that reason, is normally made of reinforced concrete.
This stress affects not only the floor, but also the floating screed, which, in fact, is the only suitable solution to mitigate impact noise and vibrations.

In this context, acoustic insulation solutions commonly used in the residential sector are not sufficient. Instead, a product is required with superior compressive strength and acoustic performance suitable for high loads.
A solution that can withstand screed thicknesses considerably greater than traditional ones and high loads both in terms of the transit and storage of goods.

At Isolgomma we have devised a solution to be applied under the screed, specially designed for floors subject to high loads.

POINT is an acoustic and vibration-damping insulator for floating screeds featuring a bottom surface with pointed supports that optimise the dynamic characteristics of the elastomer.

The panel consistency is calibrated to ensure constant acoustic and vibration damping performance and controlled deformations, up to a load of 5,000 kg/m².

But Isolgomma’s solutions for improving the coexistence between supermarkets and homes do not end here!

What can be done to improve acoustic insulation if the supermarket already exists?

Renovation is definitely the ideal time to solve acoustic insulation problems between the supermarket and the homes above it.

Find out how you can intervene with our SYLCER underfloor solution!

How can we reduce vibrations produced by the large refrigeration and storage systems used in supermarkets?

Now that we have solved the problem of noise produced inside the shop, we can focus on the vibrations produced by refrigeration and storage equipment outside.

This is how you can reduce vibrations from these machines using our MEGAPOINT vibration control solution!

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