Sound insulation of gyms: up with the weights and down with the volume!

Sound insulation is a crucial issue for gymnasiums, especially when they are integrated in residential or commercial settings. But noise can be reduced to a minimum!

Gyms are dynamic places where a variety of activities normally take place, from the use of weights and machinery to the performance of cardiovascular and group exercises, which inevitably have a major impact on the volume of noise produced by gyms within their environment.

Small but important expedients can easily solve the most critical situations.

Aerobic activities

Ensuring that noise from high-intensity activities is confined within the gymnasium is essential to avoid disturbing neighbouring activities.

Weight rooms

Weight rooms can be significant sources of noise. Appropriate acoustic management ensures that the background noise produced by the impact of the barbells is kept at acceptable levels even outside the gym.

Group classes

By their very nature, between the volume of music and instructors using a high tone of voice to issue commands, group classes are a major source of noise both inside the gym and outside.


The typical noise produced by the machines in gyms, especially treadmills and exercise bikes, is another typical critical issue of these activities, which must certainly be limited to ensure optimal coexistence in multi-use buildings.

Incorporating specific sound insulation solutions for gyms, with a focus on weight rooms, therefore becomes a strategic step to improve user experience and ensure that the fitness environment is compatible with other activities in the same building.

Ensuring that gyms are acoustically insulated also means promoting their sustainability over time, avoiding potential problems and allowing harmonious coexistence inside the building.

How can you ensure that the noise produced by the gyms will not disturb other activities or homes in the building?

By combining some of our underfloor solutions with those designed specifically for walls, both airborne and impact noise can be significantly reduced.

Impact noise insulation

Ideal solutions to ensure maximum acoustic results in the insulation of impact noise typical of weight rooms and rooms where high-intensity sports activities take place.

Impact airborne insulation

Ideal solutions for acoustic insulation of airborne noise from course rooms.

Designed to acoustically insulate the interior and exterior walls of gyms, these solutions provide high performance for tangible acoustic improvement both inside the gymnasium and in relation to neighbouring activities.

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