Residential and commercial units: here is how they can coexist peacefully.

Isolgomma’s solution to improve the acoustic insulation of apartments, protecting them from noises generated by commercial activities located in residential buildings.

Try our false ceiling panels to considerably improve the acoustic performance of existing floors. Thanks to the low thickness and easy installation, the MUSTWALL line ensures minimally invasive intervention, guaranteeing high acoustic results.

A flexible solution, designed for adapting to different existing constructions and offering the best possible acoustic result.

Guaranteeing the acoustic well-being of very diverse coexisting situations is essential for a peaceful and collaborative environment.

To make up for the lack of proper acoustic insulation of concrete floors, Isolgomma developed a combination of MUSTWALL and other acoustic solutions. This approach allows us to offer flexible interventions that can be adapted to each site’s characteristics, also starting from an existing floor.

Possibility of intervention exclusively on the lower floor.


Installation of MUSTWALL 18B and 33B false ceiling panels.
Thanks to its installation by means of the special REDFIX hangers, this solution allows the insertion of a FYBRO panel in the gap, for an even more performing acoustic result.

Possibility of intervention on both units: upper and lower floors.


Why to choose our solution.

Acoustic improvement between apartments

Designed for the acoustic insulation of existing floors, even with minimal thickness our solutions reduce airborne noise between apartments, restoring the acoustic well-being in every home.

Acoustic improvement between residential and commercial units

In apartments adjacent to bars, restaurants, shops, medical practices or gyms, maintaining a high level of acoustic well-being can be challenging. Our false ceiling panels are specially designed for quick interventions to reduce airborne noises in these situations.

Quick and “painless” installation

Already coupled with a plasterboard layer, these solutions are ideal for the relining of ceilings because they can be dry-installed in adherence to existing floors. This allows quick and minimally invasive interventions in terms of dirt and dust in the rooms where they are installed.

Quality and circularity

Made with 90% of recycled raw materials, and therefore eco-friendly, these solutions not only guarantee certified acoustic performance, but they also employ CE-marked products in compliance with regulation No 305/2011.

Why choose our advice.

Know How

By choosing our false ceiling solutions, in addition to obtaining the best answer to issues related to airborne noise in existing residential buildings, you will also have at your disposal our company’s know-how, as well as our 50-year-long experience in the field of acoustic well-being.

Technical support

Our technical personnel will support you during all the steps of the project, from providing any necessary technical information to the testing procedures, which will be carried out with the assistance of a third-party specialist.

Acoustic certificates

We will provide the acoustic certificates of all products involved in the project to facilitate compliance with the limits set by the law.

Installation assistance

Thanks to our extensive network of technicians, we will be available to coordinare the first phases of on-site installation and, if necessary, to consider possible specific interventions aimed at guaranteeing a correct installation and the best results.

Improve living comfort in residential and commercial units: discover our false ceiling solutions.

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