Acoustic insulation of houses with wooden floors.

Exposed beams charm or acoustic comfort? Now, thanks to our solution for wooden floors insulation, you no longer have to choose!

Acoustic insulation is very important in all buildings, but it is particularly difficult when it is necessary to restore the wooden floors in renovation of old buildings or in new ones with exposed beams.

In fact, wooden floors are known for their poor sound insulation, especially at low frequencies, which can cause annoying noise problems, which limit the living comfort of buildings.

Instead, thanks to our solution for wooden floors you no longer have to choose between elegance and acoustic comfort!

In fact, our REWALL 28 R panels offer high acoustic performance, especially at low frequencies, and, for this reason, they optimally solve the noise transmission problems typical of wooden floors, satisfying the comfort needs of users.

Furthermore, being coupled with the polyester fibre, these products also offer good thermal performance, ideal for underfloor heating.

Why to choose our solution.

Acoustic improvement between different housing units

Thanks to the use of REWALL 28 R panels, it is possible to acoustically insulate wooden floors, eliminating the noise diffusion problem between different housing units and improving the acoustic comfort of people.

Efficacy and versatility

REWALL 28 R is a panel composed of polyester fibers and SBR rubber which, coupled, allow excellent insulation at low frequencies and, at the same time, can also be laid in the presence of underfloor heating systems, through the use of an electro-welded mesh to secure the pipes.

Quick and clean installation

REWALL 28 R panels can be quickly applied under screed ensuring extremely easy installation and, consequently, greatly reducing laying costs.

Quality and circularity

These products, made with 90% recycled raw materials, as well as being environmentally friendly, offer the guarantee of excellent acoustic performance.

Why choose our advice.

Know How

By choosing this solution, in addition to obtaining the best result to problems related noise between housing units with wooden floors, you have at your disposal all the know-how of our company, which has been present in the acoustic wellness market for 50 years.

Acoustic report

Our technical staff can support designers during all phases of their project, not only providing them with the necessary technical information, but also supporting in identifying the materials necessary to comply with legal limits and achieve acoustic comfort.

Acoustic certificates

We provide the acoustic certificates of our products which, in addition to guaranteeing a certified acoustic improvement, also allow compliance with the limits imposed by law.

Acceptance test

The acoustic performance of the intervention can be tested on site by an acoustic technician, who verifies compliance with the legal limits, protecting you from any disputes.

Installation assistance

Thanks to our commercial technicians network, we are available to designers for coordinating the initial stages of installation on site and, if necessary, for evaluating any specific interventions to offer the best guarantee of correct installation and final result.

Reduce the typical noises of homes with wooden floors, discover our solutions.

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