Acoustic comfort for condominiums and masonry houses.

Traditional building: how to prevent noise starting from the construction of masonry buildings.

The orientation towards a renewed traditional building requires your projects to pay greater attention both to their environmental impact and to the living comfort that they will be able to offer once completed.

This is why carefully designing them acustically and choosing top quality products during the construction phase is essential to ensure maximum acoustic comfort for the various families who will live there and who will obviously have different habits and needs.

To answer to this need, Isolgomma offers an ideal solution for achieving maximum acoustic comfort in masonry buildings with beam and hollow block floor and which allows you to create a casing acoustically insulated from the rest of the structure.

By combining our Grei under screed rolls with the soundproofing panels of our Biwall range, both impact sound and airborne noise are eliminated with a complete, effective and guaranteed performance solution.

Why to choose our solution.


Thanks to the combination of these products, it is possible to acoustically insulate masonry walls and beam and hollow block floor, removing the problem of noise diffusion between the different housing units and improving the acoustic comfort of people.


The products of the Biwall range are made up of a panel made of polyester fiber and SBR rubber granules, which allows to optimally isolate the whole range of frequencies responsible for airborne noise and, at the same time, to offer excellent mechanical stability. Grei, on the other hand, thanks to its very reduced thickness, can be laid with great flexibility even with underfloor heating systems and it’s perfect for mitigation of impact sound noise.


Biwall panels guarantee extremely easy installation, simplifying construction site operations and, consequently, reducing installation costs. Even the Grei rolls, thanks to the practical side edge created for their overlapping, can be quickly applied under screed.


Made with 90% recycled raw materials, as well as being environmentally friendly, these products offer a guarantee of excellent acoustic performance and, for Biwall range, also thermal insulation of the walls. Furthermore, Grei rolls are VOC free and, in Italy, have obtained CAM certification.

Why choose our advice.

Know How

By choosing this solution, in addition to obtaining the best solution to problems related to noise between housing units in traditional residential construction, you have at your disposal all the know-how of our company, present in the acoustic wellness market for 50 years.

Acoustic report

Our technical staff can support designers during all phases of their renovation project, not only providing them with the technical information they may need, but also supporting them in identifying the products necessary to comply with legal limits and achieve the acoustic comfort.

Acoustic certificates

We provide the acoustic certificates of our products which, in addition to guaranteeing a certified acoustic improvement, also allow compliance with the limits required by law.

Acceptance test

The acoustic performance of the intervention carried out can be tested on site by a qualified technician, who verifies compliance with the legal limits, protecting you from any disputes.

Installation assistance

Thanks to our network of commercial technicians, we are available to designers for coordinating the first installation stages on site and, if necessary, for evaluating any specific interventions to offer the best guarantee of correct installation and results.

Reduce noise in new condominiums and terraced houses built in masonry, discover our solutions.

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