Our solutions for reducing impact noise in floors include a wide range of impact sound insulation rolls and panels, which are intended for installation under screed and under floor in classic or wooden floors, and in suspended or bonded false ceilings.

Sustainable acoustic well-being..

Our underfloor soundproofing solutions, ideal for traditional and wooden floors, use patented technology that achieves the best acoustic performance using 90% recycled materials.

The ideal impact sound absorber for renovations.

The ideal interface for the subfloor, these mats are ideal in renovation projects because they reduce footfall noise, contribute to walking comfort, improve thermal properties and preserve the cladding over time.

The acoustic solution in a small space.

These acoustic ceiling solutions can be installed either suspended or bonded, and are particularly recommended between residential and commercial premises or, in the tertiary sector, to conceal air conditioning ducts.

Our products for floor.

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