The acoustic insulation of new commercial buildings.

Isolgomma provides the solution for the acoustic comfort in new commercial building projects.

All commercial buildings, whether they are office buildings, restaurants or big shopping mall, have the same characteristic: they will host many people.
There will be people who will move inside them, who will organize crowded meetings, who will make phone calls in shared spaces, who will meet for noisy dinners or who will crowd the corridors for shopping.
These will be activities producing noise that will spread both by vibration and by sound wave.
Isolgomma improved and created a products line specifically dedicated to eliminate impact noise in commercial buildings.

Why to choose our solution.

Acoustic comfort

Knowing the problem allows you to prevent it and, therefore, to adopt all the design solutions necessary to reduce noise in commercial buildings and ensure maximum acoustic comfort both for the guests and for the operators who will be there most of the time.

Certified acoustic improvement

Our range of under screed acoustic insulators Grei can guarantee maximum acoustic performance for new commercial buildings. The Grei line products ensure a certified acoustic improvement greater than 24 dB.


With Grei, Isolgomma offers you very high performance and very flexible products, which easily adapt to floating floors, but also to high thickness screeds with very technological systems, typical of new commercial buildings.

Excellent mechanical performance

The particular compressive strength of the Grei range allows excellent acoustic performance even with high and concentrated loads, which are typical of commercial buildings with of bookstore, shelves and machinery.

Air quality and circularity

Made with more than 90% recycled raw materials, these products are the ideal solution for living comfort: the whole Grei line has successfully passed the tests for indoor air quality, obtaining the Class I assignment.

Why choose our advice.

Know How

By choosing the Grei line, in addition to obtaining the best solution to problems related the impact noise in new commercial buildings, you will have at your disposal all the know-how of our company, present in the acoustic comfort market for almost 50 years.

Technical support

Our technical staff will be able to support you in all project phases, providing you with all the necessary technical information, and by supporting you in choosing the necessary materials to comply with the legal limits and to achieve acoustic comfort.

Acoustic certificates

Will be at your disposal acoustic certificates of the products which guarantee a certified acoustic improvement of >24 dB and which will allow you, in most cases, to comply with the limits imposed by the law.

Acceptance test

The acoustic performance of the installation can be tested on site by a qualified technician, who verifies compliance with the legal limits, protecting you from any disputes.

Installation assistance

Thanks to our commercial technicians network, we’ll be at your disposal to coordinate the first installation steps on the construction site and, if necessary, to evaluate any specific interventions to offer the best guarantee for a correct installation and results.

Improve the living comfort of your multipurpose buildings projects, discover Grei line.

Some of your colleagues have already chosen the Grei line for their new commercial building projects: look how they think.

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