The project consisted on complete renovation of XIX century textile factory. Its functions has been redesigned and object has undergone marvellous transformation into hotel with bowling and fitness centre with spaces to rent for offices and cultural activities. Combining these new functions of the building also aroused significant vibration challenges that has been solved with Isolgomma products and expertise. ROLL and GREI were selected to cut the impact noises on levels of bowling (underground) and fitness gym center (ground floor, first floor).


In multi-purpose buildings the main difficulty is the coexistence of different activities and needs within the same building. In this case, being a renovation project and a shift in the purpose of the building, the difficulty laid in minimizing the vibrations generated by the activities of the fitness and bowling center transmitted to the hotel area.

Suggested solution.

The use of high performance products with low thickness resulted in great results to guarantee the desired performance without changing the available quotas. The acoustic study was a fundamental support to the definition of the solution.


The Hotel area is not affected by the noises and vibrations generated during fitness activities, an essential confort for end users.