The project involves the building renovation and consolidation with complete remaking of the floors. After rebuilding the wooden floors with beams and planks, it is essential to also maintain the internal heights, where the very thin floor allowed little margin for insulation. For the acoustic insulation, a dry solution was chosen by applying UPGREI and SYL 6AD.


Wooden floors have usually little mass and are used in renovations to not weigh down the structure of the building. However, this characteristic significantly influences the acoustic performance of the floor system which must therefore be managed with high-performance products to compensate for the gaps resulting from the lightness and flexibility of the wooden floor.

Suggested solution.

The suggested solution is the application of SYL 6 AD placed on the floor under the sand layer to contain the systems with the aim of isolating them from the structure and reducing noise to a minimum level. While the UPGREI product is placed under the radiant panel and the dry screed to obtain maximum impact noise reduction performance in a very low thickness with easy installation.


Excellent acoustic sound insulation performance with R'w > 56 dB and an impact sound insulation level of L'n,w < 63 dB that allows the legal limits to be reached.