The renovation project was born from the aim to preserve the building in its original form.
The building is located in the town of Settimo Vittone nestled in the hills near Turin. The property has decided to change the building use from country house to Bed & Breakfast.
For logistic problems, only dry solutions were applied to avoid the use of water in the building site. For the acoustic insulation of the floor, UPGREI was applied directly under the dry screed (gypsum fiber panels).


In this project the need was to change the purpose of the rooms, from a private home to a B&B in a very short time, thus using dry systems, guaranteeing high acoustic performance with limited thickness.

Suggested solution.

Having already tested and certified Upgrei with dry systems, this solution was used in combination with a screed in gypsum fiber boards.


Quick execution by using dry materials that do not require water.