The project involves the construction of a new care home and hospitalization very similar to a hospital.
On the mezzanine floor we can find the public access areas, the medical clinics and the rehabilitation area. In the three floors above we can find rooms for 150 beds. An underground garage will also be built, it will contain 150 parking spaces, 90 of which are public. For impact noise sound insulation, the product REWALL 28R was used.


The designer needs a product that satisfies in a single solution the sound and thermal insulation, and the support for radiant heating.

Suggested solution.

Rewall 28R is a thermal-acoustic insulation with high acoustic performance and stable mechanical characteristics. Combined with a welded mesh, for the fixing of the radiant system, the product meets the needs of design reducing the time and costs of installation.


Floor acoustic performances are: Ln,w 45 dB and Rw 62 dB and thermal performances U = 0,479 W/m²K.