Elimination of airborne noise in new apartment buildings.

In Isolgomma, the solution to avoid problems related to air noise in apartment buildings.

The care of airborne noise in new residential realizations is of fundamental importance to ensure maximum acoustic well-being for the people who will inhabit the environment.
Since the design, it is therefore important to adopt solutions that overcome every problem related to noise in the building.
That’s why, to prevent airborne noise problems in new residential buildings construction, we at Isolgomma recommend to use our line of BIWALL panels in the cavities of the brick walls.
Available in four different variants, these thermal acoustic and sound insulating panels use materials with different densities that allow optimal isolation of the entire range of air frequencies that are one of the main causes of noise problems in building apartments.

Why to choose our solution.

Certified sound improvement performance

Designed and built for the thermal and acoustic insulation of both heavy and light brick walls, even in a very small thickness, the BIWALL range is able to guarantee maximum acoustic performance, with a certified acoustic improvement up to 59 dB.

Sustainability and circularity

BIWALL panels are made of 90% recycled raw materials, thus ensuring a reduced environmental impact, in favour of a circular economy and sustainable development in full protection of the natural environment.

High mechanical stability

BIWALL sound-insulating panels, in addition to being characterized by high mechanical stability, are characterized by the fact of being totally self-supporting.

Simplified laying

Precisely because they are self-supporting, all the panels of the BIWALL line can be laid with great ease and, depending on the situation, secured to the wall cavity by gluing or nailing.

Why choose our advice.

Know How

By choosing BIWALL panels you have at your disposal all the know-how of our company, present in the acoustic wellness market for almost 50 years.

Acoustic report

Our technical staff supports you in all phases of the project providing you with technical information and helping you to respect the limits of law and achieve the desired acoustic comfort.

Acoustic certificates

We provide you with the acoustic certificates of BIWALL, which attesting an acoustic improvement of up to 59 dB, in many cases, will allow you to comply with the limits imposed by law.

Installation test

The acoustic performance of the solution can be tested on site by a competent technician, who verifies compliance with the legal limits, protecting you from disputes.

Installation assistance

We are at your disposal for the coordination of the first laying phases on site and to evaluate any specific interventions, in order to offer the best guarantee of correct laying and result.

Improve the living comfort of your residential projects by avoiding problems related to airborne noise, discover the entire BIWALL range.

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