Vibrations due to low frequencies: this is how to reduce them effectively.

From Isolgomma, the solution to control vibrations due to the highly disturbing low frequencies produced by industrial machinery.

The low frequencies produced by some industrial machines are characterized by the so-called “long wave”, that is, by their ability to interact heavily with both air and solids, resulting highly annoying and harmful to people and things.

These vibrations, moreover, are as disturbing as they are difficult to isolate and, for this reason, normally require complex and expensive control systems.

To help designers and entrepreneurs to prevent this problem and to safeguard the safety of both the structure and the personnel involved in the use of these machines, we at Isolgomma have created PAD & STRIPE.

PAD & STRIPE is a hybrid solution, which allows to solve the serious problem of vibrations produced by low frequencies, without the need to predict and realize very extensive inertial bases and, therefore, with a great cost containment.

Why to choose our solution.

Modular solution

Our PAD & STRIPE products allow you to create real antivibration systems that can be modulated on the basis of the disturbing frequency produced by the machine to be insulated.

Containment of intervention costs

The modularity of these solutions makes PAD & STRIPE products easily compatible with many machines and allows to significantly reduce the size of the support inertial base, containing the costs of its construction.

Resistance and durability

The waterproof tear-proof support and the high resistance to oils and moisture allows these products to be safely used in production situations even very complex and to ensure a lifetime of performance unchanged over time.

Sustainability and circularity

PAD & STRIPE products are made with 90% recycled raw materials, thus ensuring a reduced environmental impact, in favour of a circular economy and sustainable development in full protection of the natural environment.

Why choose our advice.

Know How

By choosing PAD & STRIPE you have at your disposal the know-how of our company, present in the market of acoustic well-being and vibration control for almost 50 years.

Preliminary study

We support you in all the phases of the solution design, starting from the realization of the environmental surveys, that one of our consultants can carry out in order to define the vibrational frequencies on which to intervene.

Technical assistance

We provide you with a large amount of technical information that allows to size the system properly. If necessary, we also support you during the testing, with the help of an external technician who takes care of verifying compliance with the legal limits.

Laying assistance

We are also at your disposal for the coordination of the laying of our PAD & STRIPE and, if necessary, to evaluate any specific interventions in order to ensure the best result.

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