Airborne noise reduction in multipurpose buildings.

From Isolgomma, the solution for acoustic well-being in new multipurpose building projects.

Trywall 48, our line of thermo-acoustic insulators for plasterboard walls, has been designed and manufactured to prevent airborne noise problems typical in buildings where different activities coexist.Buildings that host many different activities, such as, for example, gyms, laboratories, offices and residences, need a careful acoustic designs, to avoid problems related to sound insulation, which, in the long term, can make them unlivable.

Why to choose our solution.

Acoustic improvement between different environments

Trywall 48 is designed for acoustic insulation of the walls, reducing airborne noise between the different activities host in the same building, ensuring the correct acoustic well-being for each environmen, with acoustic performance greater than 54 dB.

Performing and adaptable

Trywall 48 is made up of a panel coupled with materials in different densities that allow to excellent isolate the whole range of frequencies that produce airborne noises. The Trywall 48 panel is self-stand and can be used in different types of walls, both with and without bearing structure.

Easy to be installed

Trywall 48 panels measures were defined in compliance with the standard dimensions of plasterboard structures. This particularity allows you to easily install the panels inside the plasterboard walls, speeding up the installation phases.

Air quality and circularity

Made with 90% recycled raw materials, in addition to being environmental friendly, Trywall 48 is a very high quality product not only able to offer the guarantee of acoustic performance higher 54 dB, but also to grant the thermal insulation of walls.

Why choose our advice.

Know How

By choosing Trywall 48, in addition to obtaining the best solution to problems related the airborne noise in new multipurpose buildings, you will have at your disposal all the know-how of our company, present in the acoustic well-being market for almost 50 years.

Acoustic report

Our technical staff will be able to support you in all project phases, providing with all the necessary technical information, and also by identifying the necessary materials to comply with the legal limits and to achieve acoustic comfort.

Acoustic certificates

Will be at your disposal acoustic certificates of the product which guarantee a certified acoustic improvement of > 54 dB and which will allow you to comply with the limits imposed by the law.


The acoustic performance of the installation can be tested on site by a qualified technician, who verifies compliance with the legal limits, protecting you from any disputes.

Installation assistance

Thanks to our commercial technicians network, we’ll be at your disposal to coordinate the first installation steps on the construction site and, if necessary, to evaluate any specific interventions to offer the best guarantee for a correct installation and results.

Reduce airborne noise in multipurpose buildings, discover Trywall 48.

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