The considerable vibrations transmitted by a hammer during the work cycles generated significant noise to the surrounding working environment. There was the need to solve the problem by housing the machinery on an inertial platform to isolate it from the rest of the factory.
Therefore, after a design phase, an anti-vibration solution was used by the application of MEGAMAT ME 50/650 in a double layer on the bottom and in a single layer on the walls.


Vibration propogation not only disturbs surrounding buildings and the people who live or work in it is harmful to operators who work in the vicinity of the machine and can also suffer permanent damage. In addition, the vibrations reduce the life of the machine, increasing maintenance costs.

Suggested solution.

In addition to having a high weight, this type of machine generates low-frequency vibrations that require particularly effective solutions to be attenuated. For this reason the use of the product Megamat 50/650 in double layer at the base of the foundation has allowed to achieve the required results


The intervention made it possible to considerably reduce the vibrations generated during the processing cycles, improving the quality of the working environment for the operators and for the good functioning of the nearby machines.