During the expansion phase of the production area on Gavazzi Tessuti Tecnici S.p.a. company, it was applied the product POINT used in combination with MEGAMAT ME 20/500 in order to isolate the vibrations produced by the textile activity to adjacent urban areas.


The isolation of this type of machine is particularly difficult because they develop vibrations on the three axes that require specific solutions to be able to reduce their effect. In addition, the customer wanted a unique solution for all the frames installed in the production plant to avoid having to prepare a vibration-proof base for each machine.

Suggested solution.

In order to comply with the customer's construction requirements and the vibrational problems of the machines, an anti-vibration solution has been proposed with Isolgomma panels laid in a continuous underscreed. The use of Megamat 20/500 and Point combined together made it possible to control vibrations even with reduced loads and to guarantee a unique solution for all machines.


The proposed solution has made it possible to obtain a degree of insulation of 90%.