Aero Avio’s Rivalta plant has decided to introduce a new test bench for turbine engines. In order to limit vibrations coming from the functioning of the turbines, operated during the test, a technical solution called “inertial platform” was used through the use of MEGAMAT ME 20/500 vibrations dampers.


Reduce vibrations emitted during engine tests, which interfere with measuring and control instruments.

Suggested solution.

Realization of an inertial platform where the project, designed by external consultant with Isolgomma support, has taken into account the possible forces involved, especially on the vertical axis and the possible moments of twisting. Also in this case Megamat range gave the right technical parameters for the correct design.


The intervention made it possible to reduce considerably the vibrations generated during the engine tests of aircraft reactors, improving the quality of the working environment for the employees.