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Alongside the designer

Isolgomma alongside the designer who deals with acoustic comfort.

A world of services dedicated to the designers who look for the best solutions for their customers in terms of sound insulation, vibration control and rooms acoustics.

Why you should choose our solutions.

During our almost 50 years of activity, we chose to collaborate in close contact with surveyors, architects and engineers, in order to create a solid relationship of collaboration and exchange, which allows us to offer not only solutions, but above all services specifically dedicated to designers.

Know How

50 years of experience in solving problems related to airborne noise, impact noise and vibrations.

Preliminary study

We help you in creating the environmental surveys to define vibrational frequencies or sound waves on which to intervene.

Technical assistance

Technical information and testing carried out with the help of the expertise of an external specialist.

Laying assistance

We coordinate the first laying phases and evaluate any interventions to guarantee the correct laying and the result.

Acoustic report

We recommend the materials necessary to comply with the law and to achieve acoustic comfort.

Acoustic certificates

In addition to ensuring a certified sound improvement, certificates helps to comply with legal limits.

Discover the solutions we dedicate to the designer.

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