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Vibration control.

We are open to new horizons of well-being, eliminating negative vibrations

We are sure that the only vibrations to try are those that guarantee people’s well-being. This is why we are committed every day to designing new solutions to reduce harmful vibrations and guarantee the ideal conditions for people to obtain all the positive energy they need.

Heavy loads.

Solutions to reduce vibrations produced by very heavy machinery such as presses, hammers, motors and to be used as supports in the insulation of building foundations.

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Light loads.

These customisable solutions are characterised by systems that allow high performance even with low loads and different disturbing frequencies.

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Anti-vibration supports.

Anti-vibration systems to be installed on board machines which, in relation to their weight and the disturbing frequency produced, are well suited to the various types of installation.

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Our vibration control products.

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