In both the construction and the industrial sectors there is the need to insulate constructions or heavy machines which require products with high mechanical resistance and excellent anti-vibration performance. The product range MEGAMAT offers many vibration control solutions for these applications in order to reduce the vibrations from heavy machines such as presses, hammers, motors; these solutions can be also used as discrete or continuous supports for the insulation of building foundations.

Fields of application

  • Insulation of heavy machines under inertial masses
  • Accurate insulation of engines, cogenerators, etc.
  • Insulation of building foundations against ground vibrations.


The technical vibration control solutions for light loads are characterized by systems that allow high performance, even in the presence of low loads and noising frequencies.
The particular shape of the panel MEGAPOINT (which is supplied with a point support), and the hybrid systems PAD & STRIPE allow to design customized solutions for most of the noising sources.

Fields of application

  • Isolation of inertial masses for air handling units (AHUs), generators, etc.
  • Swimming pool insulation
  • Insulation of building foundations against ground vibrations as linear support


These solutions have been designed to provide the various types of machinery with anti-vibration systems to be installed on the machine.
The MEGAFOOT is designed to be used on different types of plants according to weight and disturbing frequency. The product range is made of different sizes supports proportional to the loads and dimensions of the machine to be insulated.

Fields of application

  • Vibration control of vibrating machines
  • Where an anti-vibration product is required without machinery removal