One Athens Apartment Building, designed by Divercity and currently under construction, is a conversion of a well known 1950s landmark, originally designed by Constantinos Doxiadis. Located in the foothills of Mount Lycabettus, the site was also the headquarters of Doxiadis and home to Athen’s technological institute and first computer. One Athens will be a luxury housing complex consisting of 4 multi-storey buildings containing 25 lofts, apartments, duplexes, penthouses, and townhouses. All rooms are acoustically treated to insulate each floor from the impact noise by using GREI mat under floating screed.


Since it was a matter of restructuring and transformation, the architect needed to use products with moderate thicknesses but with high-level performance given the scale of the intervention.

Suggested solution.

The Grei line uses Isolgomma's patented technology to guarantee high acoustic performance and stability over time with reduced thicknesses. In this way the project manager, through Isolgomma's technical support, was able to define the project specifications and achieve his objectives.


Soundproofing of floors with high performance without compromising the space for the systems and other project requirements.