The building of Centrum Energetyki AGH is one of the buildings in Krakow city center belonging to university AGH (Akademia Gorniczo Hutnicza)campus. This building will hold 38 laboratories for academic research of electric energy quality, fuel cells and atomic co-generation. This the only research center like this in Poland, and most probably, in whole Europe. Due to high sensitivity of laboratory equipment the building was carefully taken care in terms of vibration attenuation. Rooms floating screeds and corridors are insulated by ROLL product, whereas for a combination of GREI and MEGAMAT was used for laboratory machinery elastic foundation.


Vibrations are harmful to both humans and machines. The designer had the obligation to ensure the proper functioning of the equipment that is very sensitive to vibrations and at the same time guarantee a safe working environment.

Suggested solution.

Through the technical analysis of the structures and the forecast calculation it was possible to identify the anti-vibration solutions Megamat for the insulation of the equipment and Grei and Roll for the control of impact noise deriving from offices and corridors.


Reached the requisites required with maximum operation of all the laboratories.