Herengracht 132 is a monumental building in Amsterdam. A fire destroyed a large part of the property in the New Year’s Eve of 2008. REB projects developed a plan to restore the property and create luxury apartments. Both the existing part and the new part of the property have wooden floors. REB Projects wanted to provide an acoustically high quality floor, +5 dB better then Dutch building regulation.
For the impact sound insulation Isolgomma has provided UPGREI applied under floor heating panels.


Being a renovation with old wooden floors, the problem was linked to the variability of the structures and the low mass and rigidity of the floors.

Suggested solution.

To guarantee the required performance, with the help of an acoustic project consultant, a combined solution was found and consisted in a plasterboard ceiling with fibrous insulation in the cavity. Upgrei was placed under screed to meet the impact-sound requirements.


Insulation requirements from airborne and impact noise achieved through very flexible solutions and therefore adequate to adapt to the variability of existing structures.