The Doğuş Power Center is located in the Maslak-Levent Turkey’s banking and finance center and covered space of the ​​58.000 smq.
The project has been designed exclusively hosting large stores and offering commercial activities mix. The SYLPRO and MUSTWALL line products have been used for the acoustic insulation while the line MEGAMAT for mitigating the vibration.


The project manager's need was to identify acoustic and anti-vibration solutions suitable for the coexistence of various commercial activities.

Suggested solution.

Through the study of the various Isolgomma packages, the acoustic consultant gave his support by identifying specific solutions and providing forecast information allowing the definition of technical solutions and optimal site management.


Acoustic wellbeing is the basis of an environment's livability and the efficiency of the people who work there. The proposed solutions have reached a technical requirement but have also contributed to the creation of a healthy and comfortable building