Coop Shopping center built in the Jegenstorf village, on which has been used an insulation system made of GREI and MEGAMAT products together.
This insulation system separate the shopping area from the private housing (built on top) by using the two products in the various different loading points.


The main problems of supermarkets built on the ground floor of residential buildings are related to the need to use very rigid structures to support the required loads. This means that the structure transmits the vibrations generated by the passage of the carriages and the means of transport inside the upper floors with consequent problems of noise and inconvenience for the tenants.

Suggested solution.

In this case the designer needed to release the various residential floors from the ground floor by using anti-vibration systems that would guarantee an equal deflection even in the presence of different loads such as at the pillars' base or under the screeds.


Using combinations of different materials from the Megamat and Grei line it was possible to guarantee adequate mechanical behaviour and complete acoustic and vibrational isolation of the residential area.