This fascinating Boscolo Hotel New York can be found in the heart of Budapest, the original building in 1894 base it was reinterpreted in the style of the Italian Renaissance.
The Boscolo New York Palace Hotel features 107 rooms and a spa and is one of Europe’s largest luxury hotel, the building is covered inside and out and decorated exclusively with precious materials and high quality.
All guest rooms are equipped with GREI under floating screed sound insulation while in the technological center has been used line MEGAMAT.


Given the exclusivity of the project, the presence of various user services - Spa, Gym, several restaurants - the acoustic aspect was one of the important themes of the project.

Suggested solution.

Also for this project the collaboration with the acoustic consultant was invaluable in identifying the correct solutions aimed at guaranteeing adequate acoustic comfort but also a simple and time-honoured realization.


Long-lasting performance, discretion and acoustic comfort excellent technical support.