Hilton Baku is located at the heart of the city’s business center, along the Caspian Sea coast. The most considerable feature of the Bar is its 360 degree rotating floor that gives the guests the opportunity of Baku panorama in every aspect. For the acoustic insulation in the technological floor for the HVAC station, has been used MEGAMATline.


To ensure adequate acoustic comfort to the customers of the Hotel, the project manager had to reduce the vibrations transmitted by the machinery into the building structures.

Suggested solution.

hrough the analysis of machine data, a technical report was created which allowed the project manager to design all the necessary elements for the realization of the technical room. The use of Isolgomma's Megamat anti-vibration systems has also allowed a reduction in the machineries maintenance plan which, when properly insulated, could work in optimal conditions.


Respect for the quality standards of the Hotel. High living comfort in the rooms.