• Ever since its foundation in 1972, Isolgomma has been developing products and solutions for acoustic and thermal-acoustic insulation geared towards improving the quality of life. Cconstantly evolving product ranges and strong emphasis on comfort and environmental awareness have led Isolgomma to expand into the railway and industrial sectors, with solutions dedicated to vibration damping.

  • For many years, Isolgomma has been a leader in providing acoustic insulation solutions for residential and commercial buildings.
    Thanks to an extensive and complete range of products guaranteeing unique performances in the sector, the company is able to offer a variety of solutions for the acoustic insulation of floors and walls.

  • The collaboration between the Isolgomma's R&D center, located in Pozzuoli, and the University of Naples has allowed the company to obtain and guarantee the highest qualitative standards for its own products, as well as certifications and technical documentation pertaining to surface, tunnel and underground railway applications.

  • Vibration waves, generated by motors, machinery, presses, industrial processing or natural events, are dangerous for the surrounding environment and for human health.
    Thanks to continuous investments in product research and development, Isolgomma has created a series of innovative solutions and high-performance products.

  • Starting in the 1990s, ISOLGOMMA has expanded its activities in the field of flooring. Always attentive to the creation of items with low environmental impact by adopting innovative production processes, the company has become a benchmark in the production of flooring, providing its customers with customized and certified solutions.

  • The acoustic comfort in living spaces has become more and more important for people, in their personal life as well as at their working place.

    Room Acustics

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