Room acoustics.

Like the desert, we turn sound into silence

We are inspired by the desert where there is the total absence of sound, to offer maximum acoustic well-being even when, with our solutions dedicated to reverberation control, we must intervene in existing structures, to restore the acoustic comfort to guarantee the environments livability.

Dynamic sound absorption.

The application of sound absorbers in very large spaces reduces the propagation of sound and, therefore, decreases the sound pressure levels of the environment.
Our elegant melamine resin acoustic absorbers are particularly suitable for ceiling installations, suspended in large spaces.
The creativity of installation takes inspiration from the simplicity of shapes and from the infinite possibilities of application, with a very high resistance to fire.

Sound absorption for professional applications.

All these products can be installed quickly and easily on big surfaces, to grant excellent sound absorption in a professional and productive applications, where the background noise control is fundamental for the professional activity.
There are panels made of polyurethane or melamine foam with one surface shaped in pyramids, dimpled or flat, supplied in adhesive rolls, easy to install on all surfaces.

Our products for room acoustics.

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