Our solutions for the acoustic comfort and vibration control.


Thanks to our high performing products we are able to offer a wide range of solutions for acoustic insulation of floors and walls.


Thanks to our problem solving and analytical skills together with our high performing products, we can offer the best solutions for vibration control in both civil and industrial sectors.

Enjoy the Green Silence.

Living in harmony with the surrounding environment is a right for all and noise constitutes a significant component in the perception of our general well-being. It is precisely with the objective to improve people’s everyday life that we have provided for over 40 years innovative and performing solutions for acoustic insulation and vibrations control.


We believe that it’s not possible to promote the well-being of people without first promoting the well-being of the environment.

We are committed to concrete actions to protect the environment, making our products and our production fully sustainable.

Railway transport sector

Vibration control in transport.

Solutions for acoustic well-being in environments located near railway, tramway or metro tracks and for the durability of track infrastructure.

Rubber products

Insulation and structural protection.

To meet the needs of customers who are looking for rubber solutions for uses other than acoustic comfort, we have developed specific solutions for mechanical protection.