Highmat Line
Acoustic and thermal insulation for floating floors

Highmat Line
  • Superior acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Easy to lay
  • Eco-friendly product
  • Flexible use
Acoustic and thermal insulation for floating floors

Product description

The Highmat products have been developed to reach extremely high insulation on floors with the floating screed technology.
Highmat is a combination of rubber bearings and polyesther fiber filler assembled together in stand-alone panels,
positioned on the base floor before casting the floating screed.
The Highmat system is the ideal choice to reach a firstclass acoustic performance on all floor typologies and it is particularly indicated for superior acoustic performance, for both impact and airborne sound insulation.
Suitable for all the floor typologies (concrete and brick, concrete slabs, wooden floors, predalles, ...) the Highmat
increases also thermal resistance with thicknesses compatible with standard building technologies. Highmat is particularly indicated for acoustic insulation of floors in music and video production studios and in music halls.

Application fields

- Acoustic and thermal insulation of floors with the floating floor technology
- Vibration insulation in technical rooms
- Vibration inulation of machines
- Music and video production studios